Kolkata is a city of art lovers. To enhance this tradition India Art Gallery started the Kolkata Art Fair. Their aim was to provide a common platform to new and senior  artist where people from all works can come and appreciate their works. Mehatab Molla first thought of this in 2018 but it was only….

The March shows of Kolkata Centre for Creativity has been delightful. The exhibition, The Politics of Paper which shows the dynamics of paper as a medium of expression deserves special mention. What caught my eye and stayed with me long after was the full wall installation by N S Harsha. From far it looks like….

The transformation of contemporary art worlds around the globe are quite well known. Galleries illustrate the ideal type of cultural intermediaries and translating artistic value into economic price. The galleries mainly combining consumer taste and artist innovation. In addition, art galleries are one of the main providers of symbolic goods for cultural elites. The social….

Daughtor is one of the finest art galleries in Kolkata for modern and contemporary paintings. Daughtor has been an essential player on contemporary art scene, promoting the artworks of many young artist and curating art exhibition in Kolkata 2021 in the field. Kolkata has been a breeding ground of intellectual and artistic movements – second….

Daughtor art gallery space is the home to art gallery in Saltlake Kolkata, one of the prestigious art galleries in West Bengal. The gallery exhibits artworks across a range of different media, but primarily paintings & sculptures by local artists. With both an indoor gallery space and online presence, visitors can enjoy abstract, landscape and….

Ranking of famous paintings is not so easy and also, we have to realize that the act of painting is an ancient practice. It was started like 40000 years ago, when early humans used charcoals to create images to cave walls. Besides that, the history of western art began through different genres. Although, there are….

Art has the influence to engage the emotion that can’t be said or written. Also, India has been blessed with brilliant artists and different type of art forms. Since early times, artworks and paintings have been an essential part of the Indian culture. In recent times, there are some art galleries in India which hold….

Are you bored with plain walls? Add charisma to your home interior. Beautiful wall painting art for bedroom & living room will blend with a variety of colours, which spells different touch. It can bring any dull wall alive. Original painting adds a different level to your wall. Also, original paintings are created by artist….

No room is truly completed without artwork. You might have decor, light and furniture at your room. But artwork will boost your room glamour. There are plenty of sites to buy paintings online. Across these sites, you can buy artworks from the comfort of your own room. However, any kind of artwork is just a….

Archaeologists working on the Indonesian Island of Sulawesi, located on the east of Borneo, have discovered this painting, in a cave called Leang Bulu’Sipong, which depicts human-like figures using spears and ropes to hunt a wild boar, and is considered as the oldest religious painting as well as the first ever painting in the world…..

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