Top 10 art galleries in India

Art has the influence to engage the emotion that can’t be said or written. Also, India has been blessed with brilliant artists and different type of art forms. Since early times, artworks and paintings have been an essential part of the Indian culture. In recent times, there are some art galleries in India which hold the old age art creations as well as providing platform to future artists to showcase their arts. Also, it promotes the importance of art galleries in India. Here are some of the most important art galleries in India:

Indian Museum – Kolkata:

The Indian Museum was established in 1814. Also, It is known for preserving the heritage artworks of India. This the art gallery of the museum is divided into four sections which feature Mughal Painting Gallery, Bengal Painting Gallery, Decorative Art and Textile Gallery.



Government Museum – Chennai:

The Government Museum in Chennai is the second oldest museum and art gallery in India. And, this is also known as the Madras Museum. This museum was established in the year of 1851. Traditional paintings of Tanjore, Rajput and Mughal paintings can be found here.

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Jehangir Art Gallery – Mumbai:

Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai was established in 1952. It has got the paintings from famous artists like Jamini Roy, Arpita Singh and many more. So, it is a must visit for art lovers to see the finest art creations of the world at this gallery.


The Government Museum and Art Gallery – Chandigarh:

The Government Museum and Art Gallery – Chandigarh was established in 1968. And, the best section of this gallery consists of sections for Indian miniature paintings and many more. Paintings by Rabindranath Tagore are also available here.


Academy of Fine Arts – Kolkata:

The Academy of Fine Arts in Kolkata was established in 1933. It is one of the most significant art galleries in India. Various paintings by Indian and foreign artists are available here.

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National Gallery of Modern Art – Bangalore:

It is one of the newer art galleries in India. The National Gallery of Modern Art was inaugurated in 2009. Currently, the art gallery has more than 500 paintings. Here. you will find the paintings according to the time periods.


National Gallery of Modern Art – New Delhi:

National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi was established in 1954. This gallery has got the collection over 14000 paintings from worldwide artists. It is one of the finest art galleries in India.


National Museum – New Delhi:

The National Museum in New Delhi was established in 1949. This art gallery has got the biggest collection of Indian paintings. The artworks range here from 10th and 12th century.


Aakriti Art Gallery:

Aakriti Art gallery is one of the modern art galleries in India. Traditional paintings, sculptures are available here. Art lovers will love to visit this gallery.


Daughtor :

Daughtor was created their space since 2016 and working with mid-career and modern artists. With the  technological advancement, it becomes essential to use the same to our advantage. It has got the world class website and their online presence can give an artist or artwork worldwide exposure and reach.



Here, you will find modern Indian art galleries near you to enjoy the experience of contemporary and other artworks. Also, you will find significant list of art galleries in India. The above list may include some of famous art galleries in world. Also, get the renowned art gallery names list in India.

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