Nobendu Ray



About the Artist:

Nobendu Ray is an eminent contemporary artist from Howrah, West Bengal. He completed his Diploma in Fine Arts from Indian Society of Oriental Arts, Kolkata. He has been working as an artist since the late 1990s. The works of Nabendu are the outcome of his immense exploration in the world of modern contemporary art.


Nobendu’s mother and her music worked as a muse to his artistic life. She is an amazing singer who influenced him since childhood. He loves music and is a fitness-freak too.
Ray is immensely sensitive. Tragic death of his Art teacher, made him isolated and impacted his mind deeply. He determined to study and have a career in Art after that.

Style of the Artist:

Nobendu’s works behold a realistic style and approach. They reflect smooth and eye-catchy impression. Working with acrylic colors has made him explore with patchy as well as blended brush works.
His compositions mostly represent innocent, lively, and cheerful girls in an imaginative atmosphere. They are shown free and pure. The world of imagination transfers them into an ecstatic realm.
His works are contented with nature too. He amalgamates both the humane and natural elements to represent the pleasant youthful ambiance.

Important Works/Series:

Nobendu has a vivid sense of compositional method and approach. His Paper Boat series is the perfect example for it. It has the manifestation of realism and naturalism simultaneously.

Important Auctions/ Buyers: 

Participation in an auction to celebrate 70 years of Diplomatic Relations between India and Russia- Russian Consulate in Kolkata, 2017.
His work entitled “Matrioshka Dreams” sold for the highest amount at the auction.

Shows/ Exhibitions:

In his 20 years of career, he has participated in several exhibitions and workshops. Some of them are:

Group Exhibitons-

  • 2020, Participated in Kalabdhi Art Festival – a national level contest.
  • 2020,2018,2015,2012,2008 All India of Annual Exhibition at Academi of Fine Arts, Kolkata
  • 2019, 52nd Annual Exhibition at Birla Academy of Arts & Culture, Kolkata.
  • 2018,2017,2016,2015,2014 Group Exhibition of the Contemporary Indian Art at India Habitate Centre, Visual Art Gallery (Promoting by Nirbana) ,New-Delhi
  • 2016, Annual Exhibition of State Academy ,Kolkata
  • 2015, 2nd Annual Exhibition of Emami Chisel ,Kolkata
  • 2014, Group Exhibition at Lalit- Kala Akademi, Rabindra Bhavan, New Delhi
  • 2011, participate in Art Mela, organized by Gallery K2 , Kolkata
  • 2011, Contemporary Art Exhibition at Gallery K2 ,Kolkata
  • 2009, Group Exhibition of ARDSI Calcutta Chapter with different Eminent Artist at Haytt Regency Kolkata.
  • 2009, Young Artist Show at Gallery K2 ,Kolkata (Curator – Anirudh Chari)
  • 2008, Contemporary Art Exhibition with various Eminent Artist at Gallery K2, Kolkata
  • 2008, “PERSPECTIVE” A Group Exhibition
  • 2008, “COLOURS OF BENGAL” A Group Exhibition
  • 2008, “AUTUMN MYSTIQUE” A Group Exhibition
  • 2007, Annual Exhibition of South Central Zone Cultural Centre
  • 2002,2001 Annual Exhibition of Indian Society of Oriental Art, Kolkata
  • 2002, ‘RAPPORT” Group of Exhibition 3

Solo Shows (Sponsored)-

“She can and she Will” at Art Spice Gellery, New Delhi, 2017
The Lexicon Art show ,New-Delhi, 2014
Sponsored by Gallery K2 at Bengal Chamber of Commerce, Kolkata. January – 2012
A solo Exhibition at The Promenade Lounge – Taj Bengal, Kolkata in – January 2010


Art Workshop organized by Indian National Forum of Art and Culture in 2008
International Workshop organized by Birla Academy of Fine Arts from 12th March to
16th March 2019

Why should you buy his works? 

Nobendu Ray has a fresh and expressive style. He tends to portray the blend of human innocence and nature together. He has a unique style that spreads a soothing sensation.
His works can be placed in your bedroom, living room as well as your office walls. The calming aura of the works will relax the ambiance and provide a comforting experience.
What is he doing currently?


  • Pride of Performance Award, President of the Pakistan Painters Guild, 1989
  • Sitara-i-Imtiaz (Star of Excellence), President of the Pakistan Painters Guild, 2009


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