Quick Focus – Kolkata Art Fair 2022

Kolkata is a city of art lovers. To enhance this tradition India Art Gallery started the Kolkata Art Fair. Their aim was to provide a common platform to new and senior  artist where people from all works can come and appreciate their works. Mehatab Molla first thought of this in 2018 but it was only in 2020 that they were able to organize the first edition of the fair. Dur to Pandemic the following year was skipped.  From May 15th , Sunday the second edition of the fair took place.

Over 500 artists and galleries participated  in this 4 day Kolkata Art Fair which concluded on May 18. This edition includes paintings, sculptures, photographs, graphics, rare prints and a huge collection of rare movie posters.

Paintings of senior  artists such as Jogen, Subhaprasanna, Subrata Gangapadhyay were present. Master works along with a few senior works were mostly present at the Bengal Gallery which is the first gallery at ICCR.

The other three galleries Abanindranath Tagore Gallery. Jamini Roy Gallery and Nandalal Bose Gallery were filled with

Contemporary and many new upcoming artists and galleries.

One such upcoming niche gallery called DAUGHTOR participated for the first time. DAUGHTOR works primarily with fine contemporary artists and has already created a ripple with her fine collection of works. Mallika Chanda, Director of DAUGHTOR used this venue to showcase works that were mostly unseen before.

Classical paintings of Subhranil mesmerized not just vistors but even artists. Infact his works were even collected by other artists!



Subhranil – Pic Courtsey DAUGHTOR

Plein air landscapes by Satyabrata brought a vibrancy and positivity to the whole atmosphere

Satyabrata– Pic Courtesy DAUGHTOR

Another interesting style was represented by Subrata. He has been working for long and has developed a unique bold rich style with a luminous finish.



Powerful Queen By Subrata – Pic Courtesy DAUGHTOR

Walking through the other galleries one witnessed large paintings. Kolkata just loves her ladies. And we can that her artists love them too.

Paul Chiranjit  painted a dusky beauty in traditional saree sitting by pond with fish lapping at her feet. Probably one of the most photographed work there,

Painting by Paul Chiranjt – Pic Courtesy DAUGHTOR

Gautam Sarkar know for his classical style did not fail to impress us. The  gentleness of Meera thinking about her God was very inspiring, Very subtlely Gautam has drawn the viewer to the devotees face. The rest of the background is there and but not over powering.

Painting  by Gautam Sarkar – Pic Courtesy DAUGHTOR

Another mesmering painting was by Debadeep Ghosh. The fine detail and a beautiful slightly mature lady  once gain lost in through of Sree Krishna was very touching,

  Painting by Debadeep Ghosh – Pic Courtesy DAUGHTOR

And how can we not talk about the visitors . They are the very heart and soul of a fair. This year witnessed a huge number of young visitors. They were so enthusiastic and loved pouring over all the artworks. Their energy was infectious


Visitors & prepping for the fair – Pic Courtesy DAUGHTOR




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