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About the Artist:

Vani Chawla is an accomplished artist from Kolkata. She gets inspired by Nature and its elements. Trained under eminent artists, Vani has her own enthralling style.

She graduated in Commerce from Calcutta University and chose to work with paints and brushes instead of numbers. She has adapted a unique pattern and technique to reflect her mind.

Her paintings had been exhibited in several galleries in India as well as Sweden, Moscow, and Bangladesh. Recently, she received a certificate of merit from KCC – 2020 for a painting on the Pandemic situation.



Chawla is highly inspired by the natural elements like flowers, animals, birds, humans. Her love for nature urges her to express her thoughts through them. She tries to represent the purity and elegance of flora and fauna.

She is an avid reader, traveler and a Kathak dancer. She was also the first-runner up of Miss Calcutta. Her fresh and graceful paintings carry the legacy of her flowing yet determined journey.

Style of the Artist:

Vani has been practicing painting from a very young age. She has grown within the artistic cycle and came up with her own style of expression. Each of her works is vibrant in color. She has bright, thin stroke stylistic approach that makes her artworks more prominent.

While painting animals, humans or women, she tries to assimilate the persona with natural essence. The amalgamation of the elements provides originality to the works.

She works with acrylic colors. The textural features in her works are widely accepted and appreciated.

Important Works/Series:

Chawla has been portraying wildlife through her works. She has some mesmerizing series of painting representing ‘Lotus in Pond’ and ‘Birds’. Depiction of beauty of women with the blend of natural aesthetics can also be seen in her significant works.

Important Auctions/ Buyers: 


RPG collection,

India Community Centre-Atlanta, Indian Embassy in Moscow,

CRY Foundation-India,

Hyatt Group of Hotels.

Private individuals in India and abroad.

Shows/ Exhibitions:

Group Show-

  • Autumn Mystique at the Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata-2008
  • 72nd, 74th, 76th and 77th All India Fine Arts Exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata (2007, 2008, 2011 and 2012)
  • Gallery 53D’s group show at The Hyatt,Pune-2011
  • The Bengal Trail, Kynkyny Gallery ,Bangalore- 2012
  • Prakriti- 6 artists show at The Hyatt ,Raipur-2014
  • Earth Song- Kynkyny Art Gallery, Bangalore-2015
  • Participation at The India Art Festival, Mumbai- 2015, 2016
  • All Women show on Woman’s Day at Galleryspace ,Hyderabad-2016, 2019
  • She Has Grace Like No Other- show at Galleryspace, Hyderabad-2016
  • Life of Art-show at The Art Hub ,Mumbai-2016
  • Colours- Show at India Art Centre, Jaipur- 2017
  • Art Initiative,show at The Stadel Hotel, Kolkata-2017
  • International Art Show curated by the Russian Gallery Art –Most,
  • at the Indian Embassy, Moscow – 2017
  • EARTH sponsored by DAUGHTOR at Gallery ICCR, Kolkata 2017
  • Art Show Elitaire- The Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, 2018
  • Invited to participate at The International Oriental Art Biennale ,Bangladesh at Dhaka, 2019
  • DURGA virtual exhibition by Gallery of GODS, 2020
  • Small Format Art Mela by DAUGHTOR at DAUGHTOR, 2021
  • Exhibited at the Indian Embassy in Moscow.
  • Exhibited at the Bangladesh National Museum, Dhaka

Two Artist Show-

  • Two Artist Show- 360 Degree at The Academy of Fine Arts,Kolkata-2012
  • Two Artist Show- Arts Acre ,Kolkata- 2016

Solo Show-

  • Whose World Is It Anyways? At the Halo Heritage Gallery ,Kolkata-2011
  • Garden of India at Gallery SkeppstaHytta near Stockholm , Sweden – 2019

Why should you buy her works? 

The description of the nature through women, birds, flowers, butterflies, foliage reflects the moist mind of Vani Chawla. She has been involved the art voyage for almost 18 years. Her works are the representation of the sparkling thoughts and influence she beholds. The works are lively, energetic, and vivid. They carry thriving mood.

The works spread flourishment to the environment. All of them are suitable for spaces like bedroom, living room, office walls to brighten the vibe of the atmosphere.

What is she doing currently? 

She has been painting a lot and is trying out many different colour themes. Recently, during this pandemic to add to her joy she has adopted a cute Indie puppy.

Important Awards:

As a young artist, Vani Chawla won several awards in school level including the contests organized by Lions Club, Sulekha, Indian Oil, and Birla Academy.

Recently, she got the recognition of Merit from Kolkata Centre for Creativity (KCC) 2020



  • Pride of Performance Award, President of the Pakistan Painters Guild, 1989
  • Sitara-i-Imtiaz (Star of Excellence), President of the Pakistan Painters Guild, 2009


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