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Daughtor Art Worldwide:

DAUGHTOR is a new concept in the Art world covering all aspects of Art with special emphasis on paintings, installations and new art forms from Eastern India, Bengal and rest of India. Bengal has a rich heritage of  Art Gallery. So, it is only natural that Daughtor should start from her home.

Daughtor will show new emerging artists, old masters and established artists. Their work and their contribution to todays art world will be explored. It is perhaps the only site to find moving paintings, artist talk and in-depth research on Kolkata Art Gallery market. It is our earnest mission to move art from the neglected corner. And, gathering dust and bring it back to our rooms at Online Art Gallery. Daughtor will bring back Art to the connoisseur and common. So, she aims to move people to the galleries, to the museums, to the Art temples – and re-introduce a whole new world
of beauty and grace.

Daughtor Art Worldwide begins few years back in the Art City-Kolkata. Moved by natural, Daughtor began collecting art works from various famous artists. And, people started visiting the gallery. As the collection grew, she realized to grow the gallery. Collaborating with different art museums and artists around Kolkata, Daughtor presents wide range of exhibitions. And, it will become imaginative centre of current city. Above all, Daughtor will be welcoming visitors to create community through art at Kolkata Art Gallery. So, our gallery commits to excellence in collection and presentation of art for future generation. Therefore, we celebrate art and artists as integral part of who we are. Also, we respect for all of our visitors and started promoting it as online art gallery. To aid in our vision we are grateful to our parent company BBGT.

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