Small Format Art Fair – Art exhibition in Kolkata 2021

art exhibition in Kolkata 2021

Daughtor is one of the finest art galleries in Kolkata for modern and contemporary paintings. Daughtor has been an essential player on contemporary art scene, promoting the artworks of many young artist and curating art exhibition in Kolkata 2021 in the field. Kolkata has been a breeding ground of intellectual and artistic movements – second largest city of India. Kolkata continues to develop as a centre of Indian culture with many independent art galleries like Daughtor. Daughtor has been in the business for long and also has curated many exhibitions including art shows. As time continues, the gallery shifted their focus to emerging trends in modern art after seeing the productivity and interest in Indian art world. Their collection includes an array of colours and scenes, from the portraits of women to landscape painting.

Artists list of Daughtor art gallery in Kolkata

The gallery regularly organizes independent and sponsored exhibitions. And the gallery is showcasing both eminent and upcoming artists such as Jogen Chowdhury, Prokash Karmakar, Samir Roy, Sunil das, Tapas Bera, Sandip pal, Probal Boral, Santanu Roy, Sujit Kumar Ghosh, Mitali Dey, Vani Chawla and many more. Now, meet some of famous artists of Kolkata. Our art exhibition in Kolkata 2021  attracts huge crowds and range from famous paintings to sculptures titled Small Format Art Fair of Kolkata.

Daughtor – art exhibition in Kolkata 2021

Visit our Kolkata based art gallery to find more artworks. Daughtor’s scope and commitment to contemporary art gallery size and is well worth a visit for Kolkata art experience. And, boasting a collection that rivals museums in its quality and quantity. Also, the gallery also has a photography exhibit, an art library, and an art valuation consultancy. And, the gallery does emphasis on encouraging emerging artists to get into the field and thus actively seeks young talented artists to add to their artists list, continuing to promote their artwork once they are established. Perhaps the well-known gallery in the city, Daughtor Art Gallery has a reputation as a meeting place for the art and culture enthusiasts.

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