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art gallery in india

The transformation of contemporary art worlds around the globe are quite well known. Galleries illustrate the ideal type of cultural intermediaries and translating artistic value into economic price. The galleries mainly combining consumer taste and artist innovation. In addition, art galleries are one of the main providers of symbolic goods for cultural elites. The social role of art gallery in India is becoming increasingly true throughout the world with globalization of art markets.

Art gallery in India

Within the body of existing work on contemporary art worlds, India has been subject to much investigation. Indian art world as a whole prefer to presents artists, or to store and exhibit their works. Art gallery in India had already developed under colonial rule, mainly due to polycentric patronage structures. And, dedicated art cities in India includes Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and many more in the list. Some of art galleries in Kolkata are competing with the art gallery in Mumbai or art gallery in Delhi. Daughtor is playing a vital role in the art gallery in Kolkata. This small sized art gallery in Kolkata is promoting India as modern art society.

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Art gallery near me

Structural feature of Daughtor art gallery website includes not only to promote emerging artist but also give them art platform to sell their own arts. On the other hand, the valorisation of Daughtor experimental artists through the large group exhibitions in different parts of country, has also helped to make them visible in India. And, the creation of small art fair in India has accelerated their connection between national and international networks. Also, when you are searching for art gallery near me, Daughtor will able to provide you the best services to introduce artists so that artists can sell their artworks. Since some famous artists are included in both modern and experimental lists, they have been classified in main category. For more details related to our artworks – visit

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