Pratick Mallick



About the Artist:
Pratick Mallick is a young emerging talent among the contemporary artists from Kolkata. He graduated from the Government College of Art and Craft in 2011.

The non-materiality of spirituality is Pratick’s inspiration. He tends to amalgamate the realist human faces to the spiritual existence in his works. He is also interested in Indo-Vedic scripts like Pali, Prakrit, old Brahmin scripts and tries to embrace their essence through his paintings.

Style of the Artist:
Mallick has a distinct style of art. His works are in mixed media including acrylic, oil, charcoal, pencil, water color, ink, enamel etc.
His compositions are mostly portrait based. But he incorporates the idea of traditional shapes and forms according to his interpretation. His use of strong and rigid brushstrokes makes the paintings prominent and bold.
The indigenous association of spirituality, non-materiality, ancient scriptures, and reality reflects in every piece of his works.

Important Works/Series:
The portrayal of ‘Jagatshita’ is two of his renowned pieces. He has a series of distinguished portrait works too.


Important Auctions/ Buyers:
Two works collected by Arts Acre / Subhaprasannya Bhattacharjee in Surendra Pal Gallery

Shows/ Exhibitions:
Yearly shows in:
Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata
Birla Academy, Kolkata
And few other shows :
• Small Format Art Mela by DAUGHTOR at DAUGHTOR, 2021
• WHEN I CLOSE MY EYES – This what I see – virtual exhibition on Abstract expression by DAUGHTOR, 2021

He runs a group named ‘Awkar’. He also performs in the groups like Expression, Bawdeep, and Bandish.

Why should you buy his works?

Pratick Mallick is a promising contemporary artist. He has established his area of work very skillfully and his ideas and proficiency reflect in the paintings too.
Pratick’s works beholds pious characteristics with the representation of the non-material interpretation. His works can uplift the ambiance of any peaceful arena including your home, study room, office or other work places. They would help you to epitomize your surroundings and have a serene environment in your premises.
What is he doing currently?
Painting painting and painting and drawing and drawing

Important Awards:

K. Mukherjee Memorial award for oil painting
Joynul Abedin award for watercolour



  • Pride of Performance Award, President of the Pakistan Painters Guild, 1989
  • Sitara-i-Imtiaz (Star of Excellence), President of the Pakistan Painters Guild, 2009


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